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See below for our frequently asked questions. Cant find what you're looking for? Feel free to reach out to the team for more information.

Absolutely! Our building ranges offer standard size options, each with three standard spec levels – good, better, best. We understand that your needs might be unique, so we're happy to tailor your building to fit your specifications. However, please note that bespoke changes may incur an additional cost and could affect standard delivery timeframes. You also have the option to add extra windows, doors, or externally clad the building. For more details on customisation options, feel free to reach out to your local Sales team.

All our buildings are delivered easily via Hiab crane truck. We can arrange the delivery for you or there is option to organise this yourself.

In the event your building is under 30sqm, and there are no connections to services other than power, then you do not need a building consent. However, please note that the building itself, how/where it is positioned on site & any/all siteworks must comply with the building code.

In the event your building needs connection to services – water, drainage / sewerage – you will need to have a building consent.

The council process can be daunting at first glance, but good advice will get you all but there. We can advise & assist as needed. If all submitted details are accurate and all processes followed it can be a relatively straightforward experience.

A Site PIM report from your local council is typically required. A Site PIM report provides information about special features of the land and existing utility services on your property.

We offer a universal finance solution to cater to your needs. Feel free to inquire about this option with your Sales Account Manager, and we’ll happily provide you with more details.

For our larger buildings, 48sqm and above, house and land packages may qualify for Kiwisaver usage. For more detailed information on eligibility and the process, please visit: https://tonymouncemortgages.co.nz/buying-a-home/kiwisaver-government-assistance/

  1. Site Access: Ensure that there is sufficient access for the Hiab Truck, which will transport your building to the location. If necessary, our trusted truck operators can visit your site to assess the situation.
  2. Foundation Preparation: All our buildings require a flat, level foundation or pad. We recommend the use of wooden or concrete piles to slightly raise the building, allowing for ventilation.
  3. Services and Power: Make arrangements to run relevant services and power to the location where the building will be placed.
  4. PS1 Foundation Plan: Rest assured; all our buildings come with a PS1 Foundation Plan to guide you through the foundation setup process.

Our team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or concerns you may have along the way. Feel free to reach out to us for support.

Your building will be manufactured within our off-site, factory-controlled environment.

We take pride in our efficient manufacturing process, and once the production begins, your building may be complete in as little as five working days!*

* Manufacturing times may vary, depending on (without limitation) the type of building, consent requirements, and availability of materials and subcontractors.

Depending on your location, you can explore our building range at either one of our retail sites. In the North Island, you can visit us at 6 Garland St, Matamata, and in the South Island, we’re located at 550 Halswell Junction Road, Hornby, Christchurch.

While the term "tiny house" is not specifically defined in the Building Act, it generally refers to compact dwellings that prioritize minimalism and efficiency. These homes may come in various forms, such as detached standalone dwellings or tiny houses on wheels. Different individuals may have their own interpretations of what constitutes a tiny house. For further guidance and information, you can refer to The Tiny House Guidance Document.

As a standard feature, our buildings are not off-grid. However, we do offer off-grid packages tailored to your needs. Feel free to inquire with our sales team for more information on these options.

Our Aspirer 20.88sqm home comes standard with a two-burner ceramic hob, while our larger Relaxer 33sqm and Lifestyler 48sqm homes feature four burner ceramic cooktops and ovens as standard. For those preferring gas appliances, we offer this option upon request with additional costs applying.

All our manufactured accommodation buildings over 10sqm go through the consenting process. As such they are consistent with the New Zealand Building Act and New Zealand Building Code, and all work is carried competently and accordingly to the plans and specifications in the approved manufactured consent. A code compliance certificate (COC) is obtained for each individual manufactured building on this basis.

All the materials and products used to construct Portabuild Buildings are trusted, tested and certified building materials for the New Zealand market.  Components such as Aluminium windows and Core Panel come with their own warranty that will be provided to you.

Yes, we meet or exceed the very latest Healthy Homes & H1 building code standards.

Healthy Homes refers to Insulation, Ventilation, Heating and Dampness/ Moisture resistance within buildings.

Yes, you may need to engage your own contractors for certain aspects of the project.

This includes ground works, which involve site preparation such as site foundation and connection to services (water, power, and drainage).

Portabuild can advise or assist in these areas. Talk to your sales account manager for more detail.

Sales & Purchase Agreement: You will receive a detailed Sales & purchase Agreement outlining your purchase terms.

Payment terms:


  1. 10% Deposit on all standard accommodation buildings to commence all documentation and council submissions and reserve your position in our manufacturing queue.
  2. 50% of retail value of the accommodation building as a progress payment once long lead time materials are ordered.
  3. The total balance of your purchase must be paid in full 10 days before the delivery of your unit. We will encourage to view your new building at this stage.

Deposit Policy - Please be aware all deposits are non-refundable.

No, we do not install composting or cassette toilets. Instead, we install toilets with either a macerator or a gravity-fed plumbing system. It is important to note that according to NZ Building Code laws, we are required to install toilets that comply with and meet NZ Building Code Standards. Unfortunately, composting toilets do not align with these standards, so we do not supply them.

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