Our Process

The Portabuild Process


Over the last 17 years, we’ve developed a set of proven processes which consistently deliver high-quality products, at an affordable price, in the shortest time imaginable.

We’ve streamlined every step of the processes, creating a smooth and efficient journey from planning through to completion.


1. Consultation

It all starts with learning about your needs. Our team will take the time to truly understand your unique requirements, working with you to define the perfect solution for your transportable building.

2. Proposal and Design

We’ll present you with detailed quotes, plans and elevations. We’ll also confirm the electrical fit-out and positioning of doors and windows.

3. Submission

After receiving your initial payment, we’ll prepare any necessary PS1 documentation and submit it to your local council (if your project does indeed require approval).

4. Manufacturing

Your building will be crafted in off-site factory-controlled environment. We pride ourselves on our efficient manufacturing processes, which can have your building ready in as five working days!*.

5. Transport

Our buildings are designed for easy transportation via hiab-truck. You have the flexibility to either coordinate transportation through our services or make arrangements independently.

6. Hassle Free Connection

Since our buildings are manufactured off-site, they arrive fully assembled at your location. You only need to connect them to the relevant services before use.

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